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My Language Journey #1 (German- Lesson#1)




Hello People!

This is my first language journey and i am sure its not the last. I will start with German for now and i will share the other languages i have acquired like Japanese and some Turkish sometime soon. By the way, this thing is only a summary of Lesson 1! so i still have a long way! bear with me 🙂 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

شهد انسانة تعشق تعلم لغات جديدة كل يوم، بدأت بتعلم الانجليزية اولا كالجميع لانها بالطبع اللغة التي ستكون جسرا للغات الاخرى.

بعدها آنتقلت لتعلم اللغة اليابانية بحكم تكلم أبي باللغة بطلاقة ماشاءالله وبحكم زياراتنا المتكررة لها، الى أن انتقلنا للعيش فيها.

تعرفت من قبل كم شهر على زميلة المانية رآت حبي الجم لتعلم اللغات فأبدت رغبتها بتعليمي للغة الالمانية ففرحت جدا واخذت موعد.

فقط اليوم.. انتهيت من درسي الاول معها

علمتني كيف القي التحية، كي اعرف عن نفسي، وبعض القواعد المهمة.

في هذه المساحة  سوف اكتب لكم ما تعلمته نشرا للفائدة ولأركز المعلومات في ذهني أكثر.

قبل أن أبدء رحلتي مع اللغة الالمانية، اريد اعلامكم بأنني سوف تكون لي رحلات كثيرة مع كل لغة جديدة اتعلمها

وان شاءالله سوف اشاركها معكم فترقبوني 🙂


Learn Deutsch-

Ja > Yes .. Pronounced as Yeah

Nine > No

Doch > بلى


Hallo! > Hello 

Guten Tag > Good Day. its used commonly in daytime.

Guten morgen > Good morning 

Guten Abend > Good Evening 

Gutten Nacht > Good night. The “ch” pronounced as خ

grüß Gott > Greet God. This phrase is used only by Southern part of Germany because they are mainly Catholic. The world grüß pronpunced as قغوس Gghoos.

AND now lets learn the easy dialogue! 

ich = me انا 

Wie heissen Sie? > Whats your name?

This sentence is pronounced as “vi haissen zi”?

Ich Heisse …..your name………  > I call my self …… For example, Ich Heisse Shahad Turkistani. Saying your family name is very important to Germans. 

Woher Kommen Sie? > Where are you from? This sentence pronounced as 

Vohia Common sei? The “W” is pronounced as V not Wo.

Sei= You

To answer the Question ( Woher Kommen Sie?) say: Ich kommene aus ……your country…   For example, Ich Kommene aux SaudiArabia

Germans pronounce SaudiArabia as Zaudiaghabia ساودي اغابيا 😀

Und Sie? < and you?

Freut mich, Sie Kennenzulernan. >  I am very delighted and pleased to know you. This sentence is very formal and used among very high ranking people. Its a polite form.

The pronunciation of this sentence is فغويت مش زي كِنينتسولاغنين Fghoit mish, zi kennentsulaghnen. 

Lets have some Grammar!

There are two ways to say “You” in German : Sie ( pronounced as zi) or Du. If the S in the word Sie is capital, it means “You”, but if the s is small (sie) it means “They”! I know its wierd but thats how it is. The word Sie is used in the formal Language and Du is used in the casual language. 

The sentences that starts with an S, is either pronounced ” zi” or “shi”, never pronounced as the normal sound of an S, because it is difficult for the German tongue. 

When the vowels  ( a, o, u) comes before the “Ch” letters, the letter Ch is pronounced as خ “Kha”. For example: Guten nacht, the “ch” here is pronounced as خ Gunten nakht!

However, when the vowels (e, i) comes before “Ch”, the letter Ch is pronounced as “hi” as if the sound of the word Hi-llo Kitty. < what a stupid example lol.


thats a lot of information i guess, i hope i this didn’t confuses you, although i know i did :S

This is all i learned from my German Teacher so far, i will try to sum up the other lessons am gonna take with her Inshalla 🙂

Okay! i hope u enjoyed this <3

plz let me know what u think so far, and if you have any suggestions, hit me with it 😉

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته