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I tell people who once left me

I tell people who once left me

You’ve left a beautiful, pure, and loving soul.
You lost someone that is unattainable at all times
You lost me..

You’ve left behind you, nothing, but very painful memories. I wish they never ever existed, so I do not have to go through every piece and bits and cry over and over them again. I alway wonder, why would some one ever leave.. me..?

RIP commitment.

RIP to all those days when you told me how much I meant to you, but you still left, not caring about any promises you have ever made to me.

You swore by my eyes that you will never leave them, did my eyes mean little to you?
you swore by the moon, that you will be on my side, the moon is a witness to your betrayal.

I cant complain enough, not only because it wont change anything, but because you do not deserve my time, as I once thought.

I had a lot of dreams, I thought we will be together..longer, but you left so early that I cannot go over it till this very moment.

At the end, I will just say that the girl you left, is not waiting for you to come back.

Fed up

It’s always me who do the effort
I always start
I think about them all day
I get worried that they might be sad or upset from me
I care too much and GOD do they even deserve that?
This time.. this specific time.. i am so fed up
I cant take it anymore and I don’t want to and most importantly I don’t have to!

Call me stubborn or call me stupid, I just cant. You cant persuade me that they did that out of love.. not this time!
Do I even have to explain what loving someone entails?

Stop playing yourself and get real.
Talk to me, face me, don’t keep quiet

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, you’re the innocent and I am the mean person right?
at least thats how people view it.

I am sick of everyone around me, just go away.. now!